Asking Better Questions (Second Edition) by Ms. Norah Morgan

Asking Better Questions (Second Edition)

Book Title: Asking Better Questions (Second Edition)

Publisher: Pembroke Publishers

ISBN: 1551382091

Author: Ms. Norah Morgan

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Ms. Norah Morgan with Asking Better Questions (Second Edition)

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Asking Better Questions explores the compelling role of questions in creating a powerful learning environment. Research tells us that the person who asks the question is the active learner, yet too many classrooms still revolve around teacher-generated questions.

This revision of a classic teacher resource recognizes that it takes time and diligence to become an effective questioner. Based on extensive classroom experience, this comprehensive guide:helps teachers understand why questions are so important to teaching and learning;suggests an uncomplicated way to classify the questions teachers need to ask in order to acquire information, build understanding, and generate reflection;promotes a simple three-part classification of questions—questions that tap into what is already known; those that build a context for shared understanding; and those that challenge students to think critically and creatively;offers models, techniques, activities, and examples which promote better questioning by teachers and students;allows for various entry points based on the interests and needs of the classroom teacher.

The book recognizes that “thinking” and “feeling” are the essential components of a classroom that respects and encourages questions. It is committed to helping teachers ask the appropriate question at the right moment, providing a variety of teaching stances, roles, and situations that will elevate language and encourage divergent thinking.